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  • CES2018: Longsys will continue to expand the depth and breadth of their products and markets2018-01-11

    Following the development of technology and the market, Longsys has adopted the latest technology to upgrade their products, as well as expands the breadth of the product market. In CES 2018, Longsys is displaying their whole product lines which include the SSD Storage, Embedded Storage, Removable Storage (Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives), Micro Storage and Wireless Storage, covering a wide range of popular consumer and industry applications. 

  • Security and Storage are Inseparable -- Longsys exhibits at CPSE 20172017-11-08

    With the in-depth construction of smart city and the rise of IoT and AI, the amount of data generated by the security industry is continuing to show a rapid growth trend. Topics like how to meet the mass of data storage, how to store data safely and efficiently for a long time in a severe environment have become the focus of the industry.

  • Storage Road of Longsys——Attending CFMS 20172017-09-07

    In September 6, 2017, Longsys was invited to participate in the China Flash Market Summit (CFMS 2017), which was hosted by Shenzhen Flashmarket Information Co., Ltd., with the theme of “China Storage • Global Pattern”. 

  • Press release| Longsys develops comprehensive product line2017-06-05

    Shenzhen Longsys Electronics became a leading flash memory manufacturer in just over a decade since it established in 1999. Longsys never ceases to increase product value and adjust to market demand, in conjunction with its longstanding philosophy of customization, localization and product differentiation, bringing about an international reputation in both industrial and consumer markets.

  • Premiere 2016 in China: Longsys 3D NAND TLC SSD Leads New Trend2016-09-08

    longsys new SSD product S409 Series is the first SSD based on 3D TLC NAND Flash in China and it will be put into mass production in September. It will meet the demands of various consumers (users) and provide better performance experience for its remarkable performance, low power consumption and high reliability

  • Longsys SDP™ drastically initiated the reformation of SSD industry2016-08-31

    On August 25, 2016, Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. which is a leading enterprise in internal memory industry in China pioneeringly launched SSD integral module product-SDP™ and it would bring about revolutionary changes to retail channel market and business mode of consumption-type SSD.

  • Treatment of industry weak points: How Longsys builds a win-win SSD ecology?2016-08-30

    According to the data of Forward indights, market size of global memory chips in 2015 was about USD 80 billion and demand on flash memory chips in China was over USD 10 billion. The data of DRAM eXchange predicts that overall consumption of SSD in 2016 will exceed that of embedded chips for the first time, thus becoming the first big application of NAND FLASH memory.

  • Longsys Continues Cultivating Mobile Storage Devices' End-market2016-07-11

    In the past few years, data storage demand has been picking up momentum year by year, especially in mobile smart devices' storage application segments. According to sources, global storage chips amounted to nearly US$ 80 billion in value. For China alone, its Flash memory demand reached US$ 10 billion, and embedded storage occupied more than 80% of the market demand.

  • longsys Embedded Private Show at Mobile World Congress - Shanghai2016-06-17

    As the supporting sponsors of Mobile World Congress - Shanghai (2016.06.29--07.01), longsys is going to hold a embedded private show at  the N1.D86MR in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

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