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FORESEE SSD Industry Applications


Recommendation: FORESEE NGFF 128GB SSD



Car Wi-Fi Multimedia Terminal

Recommendation: FORESEE mSATA 128GB

Car Wi-Fi multimedia terminals offer Wi-Fi, videos and music to passengers, which means it need small size storage products with high-reliability.




Recommendation: FORESEE 2.5 inch 256GB / 512GB SSD

Car DVR’s working environment requires large capacity storage products with wider temperature, vibration resistance and shock resistance.


Thin Client

Recommendation: FORESEE 2.5 inch / mSATA SSD



FORESEE eMMC Industry Applications

Tablet PC Applications

On the Tablet PC, FORESEE eMMC with high stability, high IOPS value, cost-effective, low-power, for customers to win a good end-user experience. On MTK, Intel, RK and other mainstream CPU platform, FORESEE® eMMC have entered the AVL and mature mass production of multiple generations of products. Its IDA, Cache features improve product performance, while customers can also reduce production costs.



OTT Player Box / Intelligent TV

FORESEE eMMC can speed up the system with its cache and its UPS system can prevent data loss from random power off



Learning Machine / Tutor Machine

FORESEE eMMC reliable, durable, Cache and other features, for the students to provide efficient, comfortable and stable learning interface.